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Welcome to Adi Surya Sempurna. Authorized Shell Distributor.

Adi Surya Sempurna has been the authorized Shell Oil distributor in Surabaya, East Java for Industrial, Transportation and Marine Products in East Java since 1983. We have a wide range of Shell Oils and Lubricants available ready to be delivered to fullfil your need. Please browse our website for more information on the following products :
- Shell Oils for Industry
- Shell Oils for Transportation
- Shell Marine Products
Or contact us to apply for eBusiness with Adi Surya Sempurna for a better business experience.

Feeling lost? Looking for Shell Oil and Lubricants for your specific transport vehichle.
Use our Shell Lube Match system to help you get a professional recommendation Oil and Lubricants that suits your needs.
The Shell Lube Match cover major transport vehicle brands with their respective Oil and Lubricants recommendation.

eBusiness with Adi Surya Sempurna. Online Shopping.

Do business whenever and wherever you like with eBusiness from Adi Surya Sempurna. With online eBusiness service we are able to serve our clients with their need as soon as possible. With 5 easy steps for online ordering, you will have more time to concentrate on your business sooner that before.

5 easy steps to do eBusiness with Adi Surya Sempurna

1. Apply eBusiness with Adi Surya Sempurna.
2. Select the type of Oils you like to purchase.
3. Make payment.
4. Confirm the payment with us.
5. Product delivered.

Apply eBusiness with Adi Surya Sempurna now and start experiencing the benefit of online eBusiness solution.
You can download the application form in the "Member Form Request" section at the right side of the website page.


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