Shell and partners announce LNG project in Canada

This is a W-2 outside sales position that works closely with residential consumers and our Marketing Division, which develops relationships, generates leads and pre-qualifies them with consumers. What this means in the simplest of terms is that our Sales Representatives are not responsible for generating their own leads - Only selling them.
Prior to our Sales Representatives meeting with our clients, 75% of the leg work has been done. We have a very rigorous prequalification process that ensures we are making the most out of our and our clients' time.
This allows our Sales Reps the luxury of focusing on the basics - A consultative sales process involving pre-qualified consumers with a demonstrated need for our products and services. Our Sales Representatives operate without the time-consuming constraints of having to generate their own leads or having to service them after sales have been finalized.

This role also serves as our Executive Training Program as 100% of our Regional Vice Presidents are promoted from our Sales Division.


- 2-3 years prior sales experience, preferably with a short sales cycle
-Sales aptitude
-Self discipline
-An entrepreneurial nature
-A polished and professional demeanor
-Comfort with public speaking

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